Soli’s Adventures In Spanish

To make it easier to learn Spanish in a more practical way we have created some soap opera themed animated videos. The main character is “Soli”, a young Latina who can fluently speak both English and Spanish. The level of the content could be considered adequate for those who are 13+.

Example of Dialogue

Below is an excerpt of the script from one of the Adventures of Soli episodes so you can get an idea of the format.

While looking outside the window Soli saw a young man passing by that she knew. It was Juan, a handsome young man.

Juan means John in English.

She quietly watched as Juan got into his coche… his car and drove off.

She sighed and thought… “I wonder what it would be like if Juan and I were saliendo… dating.”

Anyway, it was time to get on with her day so Soli immediately started thinking of what to do next.

Of course, time to visit el baño… the bathroom.

“Where is my cepillo de dientes… my toothbrush?” she said to herself while looking near the sink.

“Ah there you are… now I need mi pasta dental… my toothpaste.”

As Soli applied the toothpaste to her toothbrush her mind reflected on Juan again.

Soli thought about how fuerte… strong… Juan looked.

She knew Juan went to the gym quite often and had often thought about going as well.

Just then she heard a knock on la puerta… the door.

Soli’s face became puzzled, because she was not expecting nadie… anyone.