Spanish 101

Easy Steps In Spanish

As mentioned in our How? video your first steps towards learning Spanish should be to start out with the easy things first. For instance, the first things that are taught to a child are the same things you should concentrate on.

The key with our videos is to watch them over and over until you are accustomed to both the pronunciation and vocabulary. Unless you are gifted, just watching a video one time and then moving on to another will not be very effective for learning.

Below are some of the Spanish learning videos that can set you on that path, start with counting in Spanish:

Counting in Spanish from one to ten.

Everyone should know the alphabet and it is no different for Spanish. Learn how to say the Spanish alphabet in the video below.

The Spanish Alphabet

Say it over and over until you know it as well as your own name. You can move on to more Spanish videos at our Youtube Channel at: Spanish Says